Monday, August 02, 2010

Without the chaos

I chatted to a friend who has been away at New Wine. He has never been before but has spent a lifetime attending plenty of rock, dance and music festivals. As I recommended he attend, today I asked him how he found things:

"It was like being at a festival but without the devil's chaos"

I preached yesterday and surprised everyone with a narrative sermon on Acts 11:1-18. I am still working out what I think but the feedback was quite positive. As part of my preparation I listened to this  and this on the baptism of the Spirit (v 16) and this is very helpful too. It is interesting to hear Piper admit that he had changed his view.

I have been really enjoying And the lamb conquered and particularly a wonderful interpretation of Psalm 23. This is also worth a listen- Here is love.

I have downloaded the new ESV+ app which includes the study bible and is a pretty incredible resource to be able to carry around on your phone.

On our 10.5 mile walk my pal recommended 'The empty raincoat' and another friend recently recommended to me John Goldingay who has written a Wrightesque series called 'Genesis for everyone'. I first came across Goldingay when a friend gave me a copy of 'To the usual suspects' saying that it was the best thing he has ever read.

Apparently, today we should be excited about the new 'Arcade Fire' album called the Suburbs. I confess I had never even heard of them.

I am clearly getting old.

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