Sunday, August 08, 2010

Thoughts on the Leadership Summit

You can view highlights here but my pal Pete in Canada attended this week and sent me his thoughts. Well worth attending if you lead anything and you can do so in October here:

"A quick email - saw on your blog someone's feedback from the Summit - having just been there myself some very, very quick observations:

Bill Hybels - very good, basic but excellent - sets the theme "How do we get from Here to There"
Jim Collins - lots of good points
Christine Caine - a revelation!  She can preach and she loves Jesus, knows the Bible and takes action
Tony Dungy - OK
Adam Hamilton - an important talk about how leaders fall - salutary and good to have there
Zhao Xiao - huge disappointment, I made no notes at all, no leadership content, more like a biased and sanitised history of China with no mention of the persecuted church, and to cap it all although with the best of intentions it was poorly translated.  Take a break from the conference here and have a walk/pray/talk...
Andy Stanley - as always clear and practical, but could have done with more time
Erwin McManus - very little
Jeff Manion - excellent, probably the talk that set the conference theme of "From Here  to There" - will be the talk of the Summit for many or most
Terri Kelly - OK
Daniel Pink - Interesting points
Blake Mycoskie - great guy and good stuff on giving
Jack Welch - so much to learn from him
T.D. Jakes - how hard it must be to follow everyone else and close the Summit!  He had some great stuff to say about Passion - the fuel in the engine; and about the difference between Confidents, Constituents and Comrades
All in all well worth the time
There was an excellent drama - made me cry with laughter - and some good music too"

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