Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday Blog-sweep

1. Donald Miller on doing just one thing and De Young on how he goes about it.

2. Love, Jealousy and Wrath.

3. Tony Morgan summarises The Leadership Summit talks (highlights here) which happened this week and which I am attending in October here. There is more than a leadership nugget or two. I was unsure about T D Jakes being on the bill but liked this observation from him:

"When Jesus picked the 12 disciples he didn't pick one rabbi"

4. Randy Alcorn on praying for Christopher Hitchens

5. John Stackhouse on "What is a Church?"

6. Steve Furtick on Psalm 48 and reviewing faithfulness. If you want a good talk to help you do that- I listen to this a couple of times a year.

7. Hyatt on trusted advisors

8. Keller on movements

9. Two Fair Dollars a Day on giving fatigue.

10. Finally, some wisdom on what it means to be a workaholic

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