Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dead dudes

A pal when he preaches and has cause to quote someone who is no longer living often says "Some clever dead dude.." and then he elaborates on the 'who' and 'what'.

One of my 'dead dudes' is Martyn Lloyd Jones and I recently drove across London listening to one of his sermons on my iPod. It's strange isn't it that a man who died 25 years ago is now able to be downloaded onto an iPhone. I wonder what the good Doctor would have made of that?

A warning- he is very much of his time but oh so worth a listen in the way he handles and reveres the Scriptures and makes the gospel known. He was arguably the greatest British preacher of the last century. If you want to give a dead dude a go you can download a sermon or two of MLJ here.

Here is a section from one of his sermons on Revival.

"We must  become utterly and absolutely convinced of our need. We must cease to have so much confidence on ourselves, and in all our methods and organisations and in all our slickness. We have got to realise that we must be filled with the Spirit. And we must be equally certain that God can fill us with his Spirit. We have got to realise that however great 'this kind' is, the power of God is infinitely greater, that what we need is not more knowledge, more understanding, more apologetics, more reconciliation of philosophy and science and religion, and all modern techniques-no, we need a power that can enter into the souls of men and break them and smash them and humble them and then make them anew. And that is the power of the living God. And we must be confident that God has this power as much today, as he had one hundred years ago, and two hundred years ago, and so we must begin to seek the power and to pray for it. We must begin to plead and yearn for it. "This kind' needs prayer"

[Revival Page 19]

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