Thursday, August 05, 2010

Anne Rice

I confess I had never heard of Anne Rice until I watched I am second.

It's no longer there.

The Church Mouse will fill you in on her story that is currently all over the Christian news.

What interests me is the very fact that she is no longer on I am second.

What does that say?

Maybe she doesn't want to be and that's a fair cop, but it begs the question of whether or not her being a follower of Jesus was her initiative or that of God.

I favour the latter (as does Article 17.)

The trouble with the net is your story lives on even if you change your mind.

Fortunately, God doesn't change his. Or maybe you think he does?

I admit that I am a Once saved always saved man, much helped years ago by R T Kendall and for the best explanation of predestination you could do no better than listen to Grace- therefore holy.

Glorious grace.

What would I do without it.


Clout said...

Have you seen Jonny Baker's "Grace in unlikely places" photo album?

Clout said...

The full extension is:


Cookie - sort your blog out!

Mark said...

Here is a letter written in response to this, I enjoyed and agree with much of it:

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