Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For the pod

I am preaching at my second cousins wedding on Saturday and as providence would have it my MP is the best man. The text chosen for me is from Song of Songs so I have revisited Driscoll's talks once again. Little Foxes is worth a listen if you are married, would like to be married or are just finding it tough being married.

Brian McLaren's interview with Scott McNight is causing some comment in the blog-o-sphere.

The talk was part of the Q conference held in Portland and the speaker list is a very very rich seam and some of these are well worth having on the iPod for the next long car journey (or many journeys once you see the list!). You can see all the talks here so take your pick.

Sometimes songs get into one's being. Chris Tomlin's Our God is just such a song that we sang over and over again last week. Somehow singing these words with 12k teenagers hoping and praying for their generation was an awesome thing.

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