Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Someone said they missed the blog which was nice. I missed my Saturday blog-sweep so here is a Tuesday one.

1. I have been journaling pretty solidly since 2003 so am always interested in those who put pen to paper over the long term. I enjoyed this called 'Winters of my life'

2. Six books to help you understand the bible better.

3. The Middle Easy is complex and 'From the eyes of hope' is an effort to aid understanding particularly for young people.

4. Tim Challies has some interesting thoughts on technology.

5. Clayboy has some views on bad journalism and the iPad

6. Anyone who has read A million miles which I have banged on about a lot might like this post that tells you about Bob who has kids who invite world leaders to stay.

7. Randy Alcorn has been reflecting on C S Lewis and his impact on his life- Part 1 and Part 2.

8. Some time ago I read the inspiring and brilliant Tough Choices -the autobiography of Carly Fiorina. This caught my eye on the recent resignation of the HP CEO.

9. Some grammatical gun violence.

10. As I do often, I end with a bit of Edwards.

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