Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Get it sorted

When we left Vicar factory a pal and I agreed to periodically offer each other just one instruction. This was born out of knowing  how our characters operate. My instruction to him was to be "Let it go...." because he often has something that he just needs to lay down and move on from. His to me is "Get it sorted...." because my friend knows that there are always one or two (or seven things) that might possibly need my attention.

To this end, two things have come into my life that are promising to assist a September relaunch of my organisational ability. Now, I am with Marcus Buckingham who suggests we put are energies into our strengths and should not get hassled about the stuff we are rubbish at.

Realistically, I will never be David Allen and nor do I want to be. Being hyper hyper-sorted has always struck me as perhaps causing one to be ever-so slightly dull. I fear I may always be someone who would rather be chatting than filing. And to be honest, more filing in my life will surely make me even duller than I already am. But I am attempting to notch up from a 3 out of 10 to possibly a four on the admin front.

If you need help on this too then here are my two top-tips:

1.  Do it tomorrow:  A friend recommended this and it has a brilliant thesis. Most things can wait until tomorrow but plan what it is you need to do today and then actually do them. Simple huh. Worth a read this one and it may be just the sort of productivity book that people like us can cope with.

2. Toodledo:  A friend was recently despatched from here to Bristol for training in the ways of the C of E. In order to get sorted as he and his family moved he downloaded this app. He was transformed and became obsessed by getting little green ticks on the things he did. The principle is whenever you think of something 'toodledo it' and then have a 'Do it tomorrow' folder in which you list the 'must do' stuff.

Do these two things and before you know it you will be Steven Covey.

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