Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Seeing and Savouring

1. 'This is us' is the best thing Mrs C and I have watched on TV for a long while. It's on Amazon prime.

2. What makes Christ glorious is "an admirable conjuction of divine excellencies" said Jonathan Edwards 250 years ago.

3. I am reading Proverbs and the Sermon on the Mount concurrently assisted by 'The Way of Wisdom'.

4. I have been pondering the gift of interpreting tongues. A pal's church tribe see it as exclusively prayer and praise and  interpretation is man speaking to God- and NEVER prophetically in a worship setting. This question came up after I witnessed a tongue and interpretation at their service. The verse they cite is 1 Cor 14:2. I've been reading up and studying on it this week.

5. I am going to hear John Eldredge speak tomorrow night. I am still reading and enjoying 'All things new'

6. 'Sometimes we have to change jobs to maintain our vocation' Peterson, Practice resurrection, p.55

7. I watched this summary of Ephesians about which I am preparing a few talks.

8. We discussed 'Divine women' this week which I want to check out.

9. Anne Ortlund once noted that children are 'wet cement' (Anchorman, Steve Farrar, p.88)

10. 'Salvation is not mainly the forgiveness of sins, but mainly the fellowship of Jesus (1 Cor 1:9). Forgiveness gets everything out of the way so this can happen' Piper, Seeing and Savouring Jesus, p 40, which someone bought me to read.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Lots to say but the baby has been a crying

I have been rather quiet so apologies to the two or three readers I have.

1. Easter was wonderful. A  'Gospel shaped pastor' was a word to my renovating heart.

2. This post has impacted me more than any in a long while.

3. I am planning to read Piper's book on reading the Bible supernaturally

4. Learning to use a potty is a significant milestone

5. I was blessed reading the chapter 'What sort of Christian are you?' in 'God is for us'

6. I think I was born again again reading a sentence in 'I believe'.

7. My Catholic priest pal gave me a very decent answer to my question 'What is the oil of Chrism?'

8. Krish has done a TedOxford talk 'Can hospitality change the world?'

9. I wrote a sermon this week listening to jazz. I don't usually like jazz but it was rather soothing.

10. My wife is amazing.