Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Blogsweep

1. Kester has posted Stephen Fry on 'What went wrong with Christianity?" which I have posted before which if you missed it is worth watching. He seems not to be a great fan of the Catholic church?

2. Seth Godin has caused a stir on the web about publishing and Michael Hyatt has a response. It's a fair point that most blogs don't have 485K readers. This has about 11.

3. Randy Alcorn author of numerous excellent books- on suffering, heaven and many other subjects tells his story- Part 1 and Part 2.

4. My friend has just moved to be a Vicar in Brussels and I enjoyed this post from someone who has just started to blog from there.

5. Seeing the good in another's ministry is necessary but J D Greer observes there are too many 'Small applauders'. 

6. I always like a list of books and from this one I am going to read Rework.

7. Lesley posted 'I can still love my mother and disagree'

8. A reflection on 'Living without physical intimacy' (H/T Challies)

9. Mouse on bonkers Koran burners

10. I close, as I often do, with a bit of Edwards for you to ponder and chew on.

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