Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday musing

I have started reading Jesus our destiny which a wise prophet recommended to me

I read 'Tithing' by R T Kendall in preparation for our vision and gift season which you can listen to his teaching on here (and will save you buying the book). You may find it beneficial.

A pal is preaching a series entitled 'Man up' inspired by James Emery White which is seemingly going down a storm.

Matt Chandler is powerful on the sanctity of life.

Some friends who came to stay were evangelistic about their new eating habits and kindly bought us Helmsley and Helmsley which we are now reading. Sugar and processed foods are by all accounts v v bad and we should all be drinking extremely green-looking drinks.....

Bishop Libby Lane, a Cartoon about Bishops and Who is ducking what in the C of E

Some new mental health resources for churches

I found Ten ways to grow your church in 2015 a real springboard to lots of thoughts and creativity that is currently in process and you might like to use it to MOT your own church.

All paths lead to God

I've bought The Equalizer on the basis of this review.

I had a cup of tea with Tom who runs a great charity called 'Surfers not street children'. Check it out.

Finally, an episode of The Undateables made Mrs C and I cry.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paul's conversion

O God, who through the preaching of the blessed Apostle Saint Paul, hast caused the light of the Gospel to shine throughout the world: Grant, we beseech thee, that we, having his wonderful conversion in remembrance, may shew forth our thankfulness unto thee for the same, by following the holy doctrine which he taught; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
This is today's collect from the Book of Common Prayer which remembers the conversion of St Paul. It was a joy to read and pray as I discovered it this morning. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

For the pod: Whitfield, 'The main thing' and what it means to be an influencer

Last week I spent time with 142 evangelists and these talks are worth putting on the pod and listening to on your next car journey.

The highlights were:

All three from R T Kendall particularly the first one on Romans 1. If you are unclear on the gospel this will probably straighten you out. His third on the Ten Virgins is a prophetic talk that I found both informative and v. challenging.

Dave Smith on Whitfield was superb (he spent 7 years doing a D Phil on him.) If you preach you should certainly listen to both these talks. J John advised if you are going to visit any church in the land then Kingsgate Peterborough which Dave Smith pastors is worth travelling to. They had 4500 through over Christmas….

I also really enjoyed Phil Cooke on being an influencer.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday blogsweep

Stunning act of forgiveness

Go forth and multiply

A couple of good books on marriage to read out loud together 'The mingling of souls' and You and me forever

Love this story about people who decide to change their life for the good of the others

The remorse of abortion and the healing of the gospel

France's secular space not so neutral

Church announcements

16 ways to think like a leader

Ten books that have shaped me as a Christian inspired me to think about my own ten.

Stories in preaching

A map of the blizzard of C of E discussion papers

My pal suggested Appendix 1 of the Pilling report makes a compelling case for a traditional view of marriage and is worth reading. Appendix 2 is the case for inclusion which he found far less so. If you are in the C of E then you will not be able to ignore Pilling over the next year or two so we had all better crack on and read all about it.

A new pal, who is a tutor with OCCA, recommended I read two papers by Ranald McCauley called Being Human and The Great Commissions  which deeply impacted his theology and life.

Phil Cooke recommended Daily Rituals a book about the process of creativity

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An extroverts paradise

"I believe it to be a grave mistake to present Christianity as something charming and popular with no offense in it. Seeing that Christ went about the world giving the most violent offense to all kinds of people, it would seem absurd to expect that the doctrine of His person can be so presented as to offend nobody. We cannot blink at the fact that gentle Jesus, meek and mild, was so stiff in His opinions and so inflammatory in His language and He was thrown out of church, stoned, hunted from place to place, and finally gibbeted as a firebrand and a public danger. Whatever His peace was, it was not the peace of an amiable indifference." --- Dorothy Sayers 

I am spending the next couple of days at the 'UK evangelists conference'. An extroverts paradise.  RT Kendall is teaching and he says he has spent more time working on these talks than any other in the last decade. He'd be happy for these to be his last word to the UK church. The first (of 4) was spellbinding and if they put them up on the Philo trust site I will link to them. We also have Michael Ramsden and Phil Cooke- a chappy from LA speaking. Tonight we have a talk on the life of George Whitfield. Can't wait. 

As an aside, David Keen's blog has a great post on the discussion papers for the next General Synod. 
The Archbishop really is giving the old girl C of E a makeover.  The subject matter is 'discipleship'- whoever would have believed it? One day, you never know, we might even hold an evangelists conference :)