Friday, January 31, 2014

What's your worldview?

I am enjoying reading 'What's your worldview? by James Anderson. It's new to my armoury of 'why not read this?' options for people exploring the big questions. As you may know, in days when so few seem to read books it's hard to know what to recommend. Keller's 'Reason for God' is brilliant but few will actually read it. Other books are shorter or more simple but the trouble is often they don't go deep enough. Anderson has come up with a solution. 

Essentially, the book takes a very clever 'forks in the road' approach. So, each page explores a question. If you answer 'yes' you turn to page x, if 'no' you turn to page z. Hence, your worldview has consequence- which of course it does as some of you already know. 

Here is James Anderson on the main goals of the book:

'-To help you identify and clarify your worldview
-To encourage you to consider the big questions and to think through some of the implications of various answers
-To help you appreciate that there are important differences between worldviews- and that not all worldviews are created equal!'

Page 14

Well worth the read and it is less than 100 pages long. 

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