Saturday, January 04, 2014

Saturday blog-sweep

A couple of good posts about grace. You can't have too much of grace.

The first is a ditty about Newton and the second is a reflection by Justin Buzzard entitled 'The one thing to do this New Year'.

A fascinating piece in the Guardian: 'The people who challenged my atheism most were the prostitutes and the drug addicts' which contain this quote: 'Soon I saw my atheism for what it is: an intellectual belief most accessible to those who have done well.”

If you've got a goal to read a bit more in 2014 Al Mohler has some advice.

Milestones in ministry by Jared Wilson that seminary (Vicar factory) can't prepare you for.

Matt Perman on 'How to be more productive in 2014' and perhaps include a discipleship plan.

Here are Batterson's 10 Steps again for my type A readers.

A punchy thought on '3 things Christians should do this year' and one more might be for 'Dad's to write in their Bibles'. (in my experience many of you Mum's are already doing this)

Interesting short piece about women and advertising

James has offered us his favourite albums of 2013 in the Spectator

An interesting conclusion on stardom from Alex James of Blur.

Cranmer has some predictions for 2014.

Try to avoid mission drift this year.

An interesting book if you feel your call is a 'kingly' one (gifts that gather around organisation, process, finance, stewardship, management and giving).

Evidence of knowing God.

One rolex short of contentment is a good post-Christmas/January sale frenzy reflection via Mark Meynell.

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