Saturday, January 11, 2014

Does anybody want to come to the front?

25 years ago a short Greek man from Chorleywood shared the gospel with me in a church in Newcastle and I became a follower of Jesus. I was sitting on the top right hand balcony of Jesmond Parish Church.

When the call to decision came, I was far too chicken to go forward but I prayed anyway. As it turned out, I went again in the evening and did go forward then. I had absolutely no Christian friends at Uni and the best I could muster in my circle was one pal who had been to church once. My gang was not a terribly holy bunch :) I had stopped church-going (for that is what it was) shortly after being confirmed by the Bishop of Warwick in 1981. This was now 1989 and my sister had a short time before bemused me by telling me she had become 'a born-again Christian' on some course she called 'Alpha'.

I remember saying to my friend 'If I wanted to go to church (not that I do...) where might I go?' He suggested JPC and so I took myself along secretly without telling anyone. J. John came along a few weeks later to speak at a Sunday service and, as they say, the rest is history. I was, just like you dear reader, immediately sanctified and gave myself fully over to godly-living and life became perfect from that moment onwards......Of course it didn't- but that's another story for another day.

A few weeks ago John was doing a mission in Hammersmith and I bumped into him in a coffee shop. A few days later, he surprised me with an email saying he'd really love to come and speak at our little church plant. So he's coming on the 19th @ 10am which is all rather fun and exciting.

If you've never come across J. John you can check out the short film on the Philo Trust website. Do pray for him and for us as we reach out to our friends and neighbours and invite them to come and hear the gospel.

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loving it :-)

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