Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday blog-sweep

Executive toolbox looks like an interesting way to spend three days.

Priests and defrocking

So too much sitting about really is bad for you.

Why Bible reading is down

An interesting read as you think about Justin Bieber

55.8 Million and Chan on the same subject.

As I read this quotethis survey came to mind which tells me 48% of churches have fewer that 5 under 16's.

Can a God of love have wrath?- D A Carson also has a thought on this.

The pressure to die

Will quitting porn improve your life?

J John has written a good piece on C S Lewis

7 warning signs you are heading for burnout

Fascinating piece from Isaac Asimov from 50 years ago on what 2014 would look like.

Being busy is no longer respectable

Finally, honk if you are happy.

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