Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Hoover the Pope and the People-pleasers

A couple of Vicar pals have really encouraged me about the blog. Thank you! I'll keep at it.

Simon's posts about his children's world look interesting.

Kester asks if we are seeing the tech endgame?

Twenty five years of Tim Keller in one will love this if you are Dutch:)

Church is not a what but a who.

I saw an Anglo-catholic friend today who recommended the new Pope Francis' book 'The joy of the gospel' 

An interesting quiz on Christian book first lines.

IDS and the Archbish

The Resurgence launches a weekly leadership podcast

If you are a people-pleasing pastor this book might be one for you (won't be on Driscoll's reading list :)

Finally I love this Piper quote about the Fatherhood of God

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