Saturday, February 01, 2014

Saturday blog-sweep

'If you want your leadership to matter lead in the things that matter to God' 
Gary Haugen

@ Ricky

I really enjoyed these pictures that are actually in the UK via Mark Meynell

I found this post on how to recognise a spirit-filled church interesting.

It's not the big things that game change but the small.

Five things to remember about church growth via Dashhouse

Lovely story about a mum who decided to cook extra pies

How are those annual goals working out?

I too, just as Karen recounts, have been slain in the Spirit. Nice post via Jesus Creed.

I have been banging on quite a lot about Pilgrim's progress and this tour looks interesting.

Gary Haugen on why we are losing the war on poverty. He's speaking here which is well worth bringing a team from your church to.

Moving post about a dad's notes to his daughter

Eight diagnostic questions for those facing doubts about their faith.

My Church Warden is currently very much enjoying this song. Hold hands with the people you love and dance around the kitchen to it.

Ann Voskamp says Chasing God is a breathtaking read.

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