Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Bits and bobs

I am slow on the uptake but isn't 'Sherlock' brilliant?

Lots of people are chatting to me about Benefit street

A Vicar pal is loving 'The Circle Maker' and says it's inspired him more than any book in a while.

One of my nuttiest heroes is C T Studd and watching this reminded me what an impact 7 Victorian cricketers had on mission.

We all want kids to follow Jesus but if they were to heed the call to mission it may be very costly as us if we are parents- see Jim Elliots letter.

J I Packer's saying 'that's not good enough' in this short film hit my heart. He must surely be nearly 100.....Incredible (he's actually 87 and has a new book called 'Taking God Seriously'. His 'Knowing God' is a classic if you have not come across it.

A new blog for pastors has been launched by Lifeway.

An interesting thought on poverty.

It struck me watching this ad on TV last night that so many Christians are looking for 'Slendertone discipleship'. It doesn't exist (nor indeed does a flat stomach when you eat mince pies sitting on the sofa watching Sherlock- with or without a silly electric abs belt on).

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