Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good Vicars

"Of course there are churches that are doing better and churches that are struggling more, depending on area and on leadership. But the reality is that where you have a good vicar you will find growing churches."

Justin Welby on Radio 4

I spent a very jolly day with the clergy of the Woolwich area and did a workshop on church planting that was stunningly well attended (My area is Kingston so it was what we used to call at school an away match). The Archdeacon had to double check that everyone realised that they were in the session about planting. They did and still no one moved. I told our story which people seemed to enjoy. It was fun being with a new crowd and I am much encouraged that planting and grafting is now firmly on the agenda of the C of E. Watch this space......

You always get a jolly good lunch and a glass of wine at clergy day in Southwark. One of the benefits of being in a liberal catholic Diocese.

Have I ever mentioned that I wrote something called 'Why plant churches?' a while back.

The Archdeacon of Woolwich told us that nobody in the C of E can find an example of a Liberal/Anglo Catholic Church Plant (as opposed to a Fresh expression).  Does any one know of such a thing? The challenge was set before the Woolwich clergy to make one happen and that if anyone could it ought to be a church in Southwark.

David Keen has a good 'round-up' piece about Justin Welby's comments on 'Today' on NY Eve about 'Good Vicars'. It has caused much chatter in C of E circles and was mentioned by the Bishop. Apparently, if you are 'A Good Vicar' your church will grow which is splendid.

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Anonymous said...

Do we mean growth in number on pews or growth in relationship with Jesus? I've known bad vicars where numerical growth flows, but the discipleship of the congregation could be seen to be questionable. It's tricky to define a good vicar maybe?