Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday thoughts

This TED talk is one of the best and here you can watch a Behind the TED talk 2010 . It prepares me for when I get asked to speak:) (h/t B. Armett)

KXC is now up and running so do be praying for them-I love planters and planting. I like the descriptor 'Hubs'

If you want some free leadership coaching sign-up here

If you want to know how to understand this generation and what they are all about then read Millenials

God-sized vision will get you excited and praying for revival.

A pal doesn't think Paul McKenna will make you happy and it really made me chuckle.

Reading this might tell you what a technology fast looks like.

A friend stayed up late into the night reading The Help in a oner.

Truly loving watching this. I know, I know they are now on Series 4 and I am just getting around to it.

Why Robert Crampton stopped drinking so much is a fascinating commentary on our very British middle-class disease. I am still frustrated and holding out against the Times pay-wall :(

Finally, Challies with a reflection on Haiti and a film with the words "I don't feel right here" which will stick with me.

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