Friday, January 07, 2011

I've got to get you into my head

There is an old song that goes "I've got to get you out of my head". At this time of year I think Christians tend to be thinking the opposite. They want to get God into their heads and a new year offers fresh resolution to do so. They love Jesus and know that the treasure of the bible is a gift and is the way God has ordained that we should have our lives and minds shaped around him. Sadly though, most don't succeed and instead friends, work, the internet, shopping, ebay coveting, TV and Facebook win again. The greatest obstacle is, I think, seeing Scripture-reading as another task among many to be done. So here is my thought for you. Why not see it as a love affair to be embarked upon?

1. Reading through the whole thing

I use For the Love of God. I take about 18 months on my yearly plan and I follow the McCheyne pattern. I tried this year to do the Soul Survivor 1 year plan (happily a few are still going) but have returned to my faithful dead Scottish friend.

2. Read a section for a month

We are under grace, so for those with busy lives or young kids why not pick one book- Colossions, Jude or a Psalm for example and spend a month reading just that whenever you have time. Forget 'a quiet time' i.e one place one time, and just immerse yourself. You may find this frees you from legalism and guilt. Jot your insights and prayers in a journal and commit as much as you can to memory. When you feel you're done-pick a new bit and do the same. You'll be amazed how much you discover and pray through in a year.

3. Read just one page

For years my bible reading was non-existent. I survived on a diet of My utmost for his highest which I had on my bedside table and read from time to time. Each page is full of a lifetimes truth and my copy is now very dogeared. They have turned out not to be such wasted years.

Finally a few tips for you on bible memorisation set to jaunty music.



tallandrew said...

A very wise old friend of mine, who has planted and led churches on three continents advised me that the way to keep Bible reading fresh is to go through it in large chunks looking at particular themes. Rather than approaching the text thinking 'What does this mean" he advises 'what does this say about the theme I am currently looking for'. I think we still nee to meditate on it in small chunks as well and I've recently been through a chapter of Romans with the help of Lloyd-Jones - one word at a time!

David Cooke said...

Thanks for the insight and look forward to seeing you at HTB!

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