Saturday, January 08, 2011

Load up the ipod for 2011

There are so many resources available to encourage and grow Christian disciples.

Most churches these days have media sections to their websites that allow you to freely download sermons. There is so much treasure on the web it is sometimes rather overwhelming but there are rich seams to dig if you know where to find them. There are a few large resourcing churches/movements that enable free access to teaching on doctrine, Christian living and mission- one of the best examples would be the Resurgence, but also  HTB , New Wine, Redeemer, Desiring God, Willow Creek, and The Gospel Coalition. There is enough teaching on these websites alone to keep you going for a lifetime.

As readers may know, I tend to listen a lot to preaching from across the water. Down the years a few American preachers have impacted and influenced me- (links given to resources ) John Wimber, Rich Nathan, Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll (see the Resurgence) John Ortberg, Matt ChandlerLouie Giglio, Eugene Peterson, Rob Bell Andy Stanley and John Piper)

Every now and then I also enjoy listening to a Christian biography and always have one or two on the pod.

This side of the water the preachers (among many other) over 21 years of following Jesus who have blessed and encouraged me are: David White, John Peters, Nicky Gumbel, John Irvine, Peter BlundellSimon Downham, Mike Breem, Mark Stibbe, Charlie Cleverly, R T Kendall and Simon Ponsonby (who is teaching a fantastic series on Romans).

The St Paul's Theological Centre is great if you want to access some excellent theological resources or are wondering about taking on some more rigorous study. Their podcast is called Godpod.

I always have a few MLJ's on the iPod too.

Some podcasts you might find good are Catalyst, Zondervan, Insight for living, The PassionRick Warren Podcast for Pastors and Andy Stanley's Leadership Podcast  (particularly if you aspire to running a mega-church which I don't but you might:) Joking apart even if you don't feel very 'purpose-driven', Rick Warren especially has some real wisdom and is the real deal and has much to share with those who love mission, evangelism and the church. Pastors would do well to hang out with him through his podcast. Hugely encouraging, thought-provoking, resourcing, idea generating and faith-filled- and pastors need that.

My most recent listen was Piper's address to 20k students at the 2011 Passion conference called Getting to the bottom of your joy. It is really worth checking out but be prepared for a challenge (one for a solitary car journey or tube ride). A terrifying first half hour where Piper suggests millions of nominal Christians are not actually born again and then the second half on the love of God for the believer (phew.....)

My pal Miles also blessed me over Christmas with How to keep going when you are weary and losing heart.

Hope some of these might be a source of blessing and prompt you to load up your iPod's for the year ahead.

Feel free to share any podcasts and preaching that you enjoy.

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