Monday, January 17, 2011


Some recent events have prompted me to some self-examination. Jesus told a story about a pharisee and a tax-collector, one being humble and grateful for God's mercy, the other full of pride. We all so easily lean towards pride and self-righteousness. Edwards wrote a sermon called 'The necessity of self-examination' and in it he is very helpful on how to undertake a self-deception audit. We would all do well to make some time and to take his counsel.

'It is true, that our hearts are exceedingly deceitful; but God in his holy word, hath given that light with respect to our duty, which is accommodated to the state of darkness in which we are. So that by thorough care and inquiry we may know our duty, and know whether or no we live in a sinful way. And everyone who hath any true love of God and his duty, will be glad of assistance in this inquiry. It is with such persons a concern which lies with much weight upon their spirits, in all things to walk as God would have them, and so as to please and honour him. If they live in any way which is offensive to God, they will be glad to know it and do by no means choose to have it concealed from them'

[Works Vol 2, Page 176]

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