Saturday, January 22, 2011

People's prayer

C H Spurgeon took a holiday to Europe and while on it someone asked him, "What is the secret of your ministry?" He replied, "My people pray for me"

I am so grateful for the people who pray for me. I don't currently face any particular drama or struggle (other than all of them) but I realise that so much of me is sustained by the prayers and kindness of others. If, when you remember me, you could pray Ephesians 6:19-20 or 2 Tim 4 v 17 or any other Scripture that you feel might help me run the race with strength and courage even, and especially, when the cost or chains come my way.

Thank you too for anyone who reads this blog. Any reader encourages me and I don't thank you often enough. Recently, a reader who discovered C S Lewis here sent a text that read, 'Just read Mere Christianity-breathtaking'. That encouraged me. My readers are rather few but are special people. I keep this blog to hopefully bless each of you in your following of Jesus.

Grace to all this new day.

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