Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you Keller has a new book coming out soon.

I have been listening to the new Take that album 'Progress' and think they are writing some really interesting lyrics. Don't know if anyone else noticed?

I liked these insights from an experienced pastor called '10 things I wish someone had told me'.

I always like finding a new blog that recommends a book list so will be tracking 'Some strange ideas'.

If you are still in New Year mode Chris Brogan has a couple of books he finds helpful at this time of year.

By the way, did I mention Santa brought me a Kindle. Michael Hyatt has some thoughts comparing it with the iPad.

Finally on your reading this year, a good piece on quantity vs quality.


Clout said...

"Listening to the new Take That album....!"
Is this a mid-life crisis Cookie?
You'll be looking in Dunn and Co's window next, thinking "I'd look good in that cardigan!"

(And since thay closed in 1991, if you even chuckled at that joke, you are ALREADY in middle age)

David Cooke said...

Actually, I listened to it with friends over Christmas who kept getting me to look at the lyrics on the album cover.

Is this really a mark of my mid-life crisis? Oh dear. I hope not.

As ever, you made me chuckle.

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