Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learning to pray

I have been encouraging someone I know to pray out loud when others are around.

It's hard- I remember the fear that gripped me when I first braved a few words to God in the presence of a few fellow saints. I think the disciples were rather scared of praying and they were certainly confused about how to do it. My friend will pray soon, I am confident of it, and it will unleash great things.

Another friend does pray out loud with others. What I love though is she always starts to pray in English but when she gets going she often flips to German- her native tongue. We have no idea what she saying but it is always a holy moment for me.

Prayer starts in the secret place.

It starts when we realise that there is something to learn and that there are good things to receive. Pete Greig, the founder of 24/7, is a good person to hang out with if you want to learn to pray and he has just preached through the Lord's prayer.

He is a good teacher.

Here is a thought and an exercise for my friend.

1. Go to a secret place

2. Close the door

3. Kneel down

4. Pray out loud

5. Use these words

6. Repeat this for seven days

See how you get on.

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