Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raised with Christ

This blog started in a library when I was bored at Vicar Factory. A student had explained to me what a blog was and were it not for them I would still be utterly ignorant. They were, as I remember, American and generally on matters of a technical nature the other side of the pond is often a step ahead. This is certainly true of blogging.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, were it not for the adventure of the blogosphere, I would never have discovered Adrian Warnock's splendid blog and would certainly never have read his book which is called Raised with Christ . This is a book about the resurrection. I do remember not long after being born again someone suggested I read the classic tome 'Who moved the stone?' and whilst it is indeed a classic I don't think I read much of it. Dare I say it, it really is rather dull.

This cannot be said of Adrian's book. As a doctor, preacher, prolific blogger and father of five quite how he found time to write a book is a miracle all of its own. The first section of the book gives a very helpful overview of the evidence for the resurrection and everything in the book is steeped in Scripture. The second half explores the implications of the risen Jesus and covers justification, prayer, the new birth, mission and the end times. This work includes so many references to all the people I enjoy reading-notably Piper, Edwards and Lloyd-Jones. I found the chapter on the Holy Spirit to be particularly helpful and would set it up there with More as one of the most helpful things I have read on what it means to be filled with the Spirit. Adrian is clearly a man with a deep love of the word but also a passion for more of the Spirit. A man after my own heart.

I loved the section on Revival. As a church, we are planning to pray through the night tomorrow and excitement is steadily building. The wonderful account of the revival that took place in Coleraine in Northern Ireland in 1859 warmed my heart greatly and I am now praying for the same and more for Richmond and London in 2010 (Page 170).

As Adrian notes in his introduction, there is very little material written on the Resurrection. This, I have no doubt, will become a go-to reference work for many and is a great read for all who want to be challenged to live more wholeheartedly for Jesus. To conclude, I don't think there are too many of us who have bothered reading both volumes of the life of David Martyn Lloyd-Jones but I know for sure Adrian is one of them (and he might agree that it is a shame Iain Murray failed to acknowledge MLJ's charismatic credentials). Anyway, it seems appropriate to end with a quote from the great man.

'Has he whispered to you, has he spoken to you? Pray for His blessing, seek it, be desperate for it, hunger and thirst for it. Keep on praying until your prayer is answered......Be satisfied with nothing less. Has God ever told you that you are His child? Has He spoken to you, not with an audible voice, but in a sense, in a more real way? Have you known the illumination, this melting quality? Have you known what it is to be lifted up above and beyond yourself? If not, seek it; cry out to him saying,"Speak, I pray Thee, gentle Jesus" and "Sue him for it" [Page 225]

If you want a post Easter read this may well be the one. Jesus is risen indeed!

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