Friday, March 26, 2010

Hopeful Catholicism

In anyone's estimation it has not been a good fortnight for the Catholic church. Just when I was about to think it was all lost, along comes the most glorious, hopeful, spirit-filled, joy-leaking, creative, inspiring man who confirms that good wins and Jesus reigns.

His name is Frank Cottrell-Boyce and he's a Catholic and if you do nothing else this week give yourself the treat of listening to him on Desert Island Discs. (Only two days left so hurry...)

"Who's he?" you ask. Well, he's a screen writer, husband, father of seven and lover of Jesus.

I didn't know of him. Half-way though I learnt he had written God on Trial which is one of the most spell-binding things I have ever watched on TV.

As a representative Catholic he might have been on trial himself to some this week.One of his choice of records was fascinating-an Irish girl telling the story of John the Baptist. Again, a wonderful if not slightly weird listen. 

He said so many interesting things. When asked why he stayed in Liverpool rather than move to London he said, "If you want to see the world standing on one place to see it is a pretty good way to do it"

I always look forward to the book choice and his I think I am going to read just because he was such a delightful man. It is almost certain to be a great and pleasurable read.

By the way, if you want to explore Catholicism more here is one man's current adventure called 'Learning about Catholicism'.

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