Monday, March 29, 2010

Drawing things out

I had a great visit to friends and came across a thing called Bamboo.
My Vicar pal in his past life was a cartoonist and artist and has incorporated this gift into his new discipleship course. It allows him to get all Rob Bell Everything is spiritual on his listeners and draw to teach his people. If you draw (which I don't) you might find this something to add into the armoury.

I am happy to announce the introduction of another friend to the land of blogging. He will be very Un-ambigous.

I listened in the car on Saturday to the Art of Remembrance by Matt Chandler-this is preaching that really goes after the idols.

Live life (our discipleship community) are going to be immersed in Galatians next term which I am excited about. Tim Keller's enormous series on Galatians transformed my understanding of the gospel. I listened to it driving to and from work some years ago and have never been this same since. It may be the best $67.50 you will spend.

Here is a taster called Justified Sinners

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