Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Much encouraged

I have had a splendid two days with 1000 leaders of my nations church and seen God at work in power-encouraging, reminding, teaching and blessing.

What a great gift HTB is and such a joy to spend time with so many friends. A ton of my Vicar Factory year were there.

There are too many things to blog on so all I say to you is download all the talks:

1. A simply brilliant talk on leadership from Nicky
2. A wonderful interview with Sandy Miller
3. Gary Clarke of Hillsong and Pastor Agu of Jesus House were inspiring and are so clearly bringing hope and transformation to this city and nation. Truly remarkable leaders and men of God.
4. A great talk also on multi-site.
5. Best talk I have heard from a Bishop in a long time

This afternoon I listened to Pete Grieg teach on prayer. If you have not read Red Moon Rising you should do. Pete founded the 24/7 prayer movement.

He ended by telling us of a recent prayer meeting in Haiti. Have you been praying for this nation? Believe me, God has heard and is on the move and it seems appropriate to share and a really good way to end these two days.

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