Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Lives depend on it"

Steve Furtick challenged me today to "Shut up and invite people to receive Christ" and he may challenge you too.

We are gearing up for some all night praying. If you come at 3am there will be a man playing the guitar rather poorly leading the people of God in worship. I wonder who? It's all guitars to the pumps I'm afraid! A few weeks ago we preached on Acts 4 as we go through the whole book and at the end of the service felt a call upon the intercessors. They came forward- a lot of them. The mark of the Spirit upon them was tears. Lots and lots of tears. So, as a result, tonight these very same people are doing what God has called them to do. Get us all praying and seeking Him.

Here is the story of the 1859 Coleraine Revival in Northern Ireland I mentioned yesterday that may encourage and excite you if you are coming tonight:

"A schoolboy in a class became so troubled about his soul that the school sent him home. An older boy, a Christian, went with him, and before they had gone far, led him to Christ. Returning at once to school, this new convert testified to his teacher, "Oh, I am so happy. I have the Lord Jesus in my heart." These artless words had an astonishing effect; boy after boy rose and silently left the room. Going outside, the teacher found these boys all on their knees, ranged along the wall of the playground. Very soon their silent prayer became bitter cry; it was heard by another class inside and pierced their hearts. They fell on their knees, and their cry for mercy was heard in turn by a girls' class above. In a few moments, the whole school was on their knees. Neighbours and passers by came flocking in, and as the crossed the threshold came under the same convicting power. Every room was filled with men, women and children seeking God"

Raised with Christ [Page 170]

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