Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bits and bobs of thoughts and doings

I have to say it has been rather a busy week. People often say to me in my line of work,"Must be a very busy time of year for you". I am not sure it is much busier than usual but there you go. 

I am still pondering tweeting. I think I have a rather dull life and am struggling to write anything I think anybody would be faintly interested in. Maybe it might cause me to be more interesting? Doubtful.

I am half way through The Rage of God and will offer thoughts shortly.

My friend texted me from Hong Kong asking me a question about music. I recommended Mumford and Sons (as an aside, not that I like to claim to be an early adopter, but they were mentioned on Cookiesdays when they were no more than a Myspace page-today they were played on Radio 1 as a drove to do a funeral). Anyway, my friend wanted to know what else I recommended. I think I suggested David Ford and I have been listening to The Be Good Blue Tanyas which I have rediscovered on my ipod. 

I have seen this before but it is great stuff.

My pal rang up and asked me a question yesterday. He is teaching a discipleship course and has got to the subject of the Cross. The course material doesn't like the term sin as it thinks our culture doesn't understand what that means. Instead it says there is 'Grace and ungrace'.  'How do you repent of ungrace?" was my response. Ungrace is surely a place (which I rather like as a term) but to get to grace you still have to repent and believe. You can't repent of a place or am I missing something?

The Church of England funeral is a funny beast. Burying someone you never knew is always an odd experience but a wonderful chance to share people's lives and share the gospel.  Very often so is the choice of music. Today's last tune was 'We'll meet again' sung by Vera Lynn

Maybe we will.

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