Sunday, March 07, 2010

Gospel and Character

Sometimes it is the things you remember after the a conference that stick.

Hillsong Church London has a remarkable story. Planted less than 10 years ago in the Dominion Theatre it now has a congregation of over 10k and most of those are in their 20's.

In this interview, Gary Clarke who leads this church said a couple things that he concentrates on as a leader.

1. Hospitality: For most of the years he has had 75 people through his home a week (Yes, I did say 75).

2. Gospel and Character: He also said this "I am only concerned about 2 things- preaching the Gospel accurately and my character-the team can do everything else."

Well worth visiting perhaps if you want to learn a thing or two about reaching this generation with the Gospel (particularly if you lead a church with an average age of over 55?-just a thought).

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