Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting the Church Praying

I have been reflecting once again on the Leadership Conference and particularly on the issue of prayer.

Pastor Agu is the leader of Jesus House and since coming to England from Nigeria in 1993 they have planted 480 churches in the UK. He is a weighty leader and at one point I think the things he said about the UK had a prophetic tone to them. He said something like:

"We have come to you with the gospel for you sacrificed much to bring it to us and this land will again be used by the Lord"

He tells his amazing story here and do listen to it.

There are lots of helpful things around about church planting like these 5 Qualities of a Church Planter. However, so often prayer is not given primacy and one of the secrets of Jesus House is their commitment to and passion for prayer.

What does that look like?

Well, twice a year they fill the Excel Centre from 8pm until 8am and 40k attend. Yes that number is 40k. No surprise really that the wind of the Spirit is blowing through this church movement.

This challenged me greatly and Pete Greig, Prayer Director at HTB, helpfully gave a fantastic talk on called Getting the Church Praying. This will certainly give you some excellent fresh ideas and you never know very soon you may need to be booking the Excel Centre yourself.

I hope so.

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