Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 Habits of an Ineffective Leader

I'm off to the Leadership Conference at HTB tomorrow.

This post was timely and caught my eye because I am really looking forward to reading Leaders who last by Dave Kraft and it gives a taster. Actually, the subtitle 'Only 30% of leaders last' is that fact the really caught my eye. At the moment, the book's 20 quid so I'm waiting for the price to come down!

Here are those 7 habits for you to mull on and in full here:

  • They spend too much time managing and not enough time leading.
  • They spend too much time counseling the hurting people and not enough time developing the people with potential.
  • They spend too much time putting out fires and not enough time lighting fires.
  • They spend too much time doing and not enough time planning.
  • They spend too much time teaching the crowd and not enough time training the core.
  • They spend too much time doing it themselves and not enough time doing it through others.
  • They make too many decisions based on organizational politics and too few decisions based on biblical principles.

    Anonymous said...

    Can you get it from a library for now?

    David Cooke said...

    Not sure it is a library-listed book sadly.