Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have in the past mentioned Tribes by Seth Godin. Here is why you need a tribe and also the opportunity to get a free copy of the audiobook. I have just downloaded it into itunes and plan on listening to it on a long drive to friends this afternoon.

(H/T Steve Addison)


revtmcg said...

you were right i loved this... now to process why!...the defence against the post modern ie anti pick & mix culture perhaps...there is something very attractive about someone who really is operating out of who they are and clearly relishing life as a result - i love his phrase 'workaholic in remission' and many others seth uses - interesting also that he used the word 'cult' when describing 'tribe' and wonder whether that was intentional (?) as anyway for me 'cult' has negative connotations...and as it does, I ask myself should it?.. or is that simply my pious boxed in evangelical default rearing? mmm..more thought needed… all this here is writing out loud ie immediate response stuff...seth does seem to be saying 'it starts with me but becomes about us' rather than 'it starts with me continues with me and i will pick and choose you' which is the p-m default which makes him for me secularly refreshing or is he just a p-m with increased self awareness? Actually maybe its just an extension of the p-m illusion? Surely a tribe which is based on an individual and also a closed community with intermittent sluice gates for privileged access is still choosing those who look like that individual. Interesting questions here about the boundaries that define the lines between exclusivity and inclusivity.
Why its interesting for me is that, Im being initiated into a tribe at the moment that believes in authentic intentional community centred on the belief that identity comes not from who we are but that self recognition can only start with who God is, who then informs who we are and then further than that who we are together, and so then out of that recognition we are enabled to become.
So what we do does not define who we are and more than that who i am does not simply tell me what to do (seths position maybe / starsky and hutch and also Batman's dilemma), but instead who we are as participators with God (because the trinity informs us who we are and seeks to include us) allows us to simply be, which becomes how we live and therefore what we do. Confused? me too...perhaps..
This is so interesting and currently and personally relevant... I feel that itch and need to maybe blog this out.

David Cooke said...

So glad that you found it stimulating. He offers much food for thought. Most won't listen to this or read the book as he says but it is worth some reflection by those who have done. I look forward to any further insights.