Friday, March 13, 2009

What is all the fuss about?

Our Worship Pastor Will is crest fallen. He has been up since 5.30 am in search of what he has sadly discovered are very illusive Michael Jackson tickets. 50 dates at the O2 sold out in literally seconds at between £50-200 which if you conservatively work it out will earn him £150m. This makes David Beckham's salary seem like the minimum wage.

I thought people had gone off Michael Jackson. He is a rather strange colour, has a merry-go-round in his garden and suspicions have surrounded him about his odd relationships for years. He is unquestionably a good songwriter and performer but he's not that great. I saw him in Moscow in 1994 and he was decidedly average. Also, watching this performance,  I imagine doing this to 'Beat it' aged fifty may play havoc with your lower lumbar region. 

But there is something going on. There must be given all the hoo-har. 

I  am just not sure what.

Will, sorry for your loss. Here's what your missing....

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Anonymous said...

Well there's already well over 5000 tickets for sale on Ebay, no doubt being sold by genuine fans who have suddenly remembered they've got some other commitment on that date.
Anyway - you're better off holding out for the next Gary Glitter concert. After all, anyone who wrote "I'm the leader of the gang (come on, come on)", can't be SO bad, surely?