Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham combines the story of one of the great men of our times and pulls out some of the factors that have contributed to his greatness.  The book starts with a wonderful quote from Philip Yancey:

'The giants all had one thing in common: neither victory nor success but passion" 

Napoleon said 'Leaders are dealers in hope' and there is much hope to glean from reading this book. Graham's secret in many ways starts with just one thing-his passion for, love of and encounter with the risen Jesus Christ. 

As in my friend Simon's book More, this account tells of Billy Graham's visit to Stephen Olford's church in Wales and his igniting by God's spirit. In some ways, that's what we all need and was the take out for me from this book. Without this sort of encounter, I am not sure all the lessons in leadership techniques and business principles ever written will turn you into Billy Graham. Only the intervention of God's Spirit can do that.   

Here are some of the things that made the man:

1. His ability to confront temptation
2. His single-mindedness
3. His building of a team
4. His courage
5. Learning from failure
6. Sharpening the saw and innovation.

This book is full of insight, tons of good quotes and is in itself an igniter of fresh passion for Jesus. But, let us not forget his preaching and you don't preach like this from 21 hints on leadership but through seeking after more. Watching this, I know I for one need to do that..


revtmcg said...

speaking as we were recently about nailing the fine line between works righteousness and grace when preaching,.. like with golf its encouraging to see the real pros struggle as we do. i went to see teh big BG in Bristol in 1985...i dont remember much about it except the line of us public school boys pulling moonies at a coach of elderly ladies as we left the stadium deliverd in unison from the port side of our own bus.

David Cooke said...

As ever my dear friend you have made me laugh aloud. 1985-that as a while ago.