Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TED 2009

I read this in Prospect about  the TED 2009 conference. If you don't know what TED is it is an annual meeting of the world's intellectual elite's from the arts, sciences and public life.  I have not had a chance to watch many of this years talks but enjoyed these:

1. Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom.

2. Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity. She is the author of Eat pray love and I found her 20 minutes captivating- not least her ability to speak so confidently and profoundly in front of an audience such as this. The question she grapples with is what do you do once you have had a creative success? I suppose it is the 'difficult second album question' answered. 

3. David Merrill on 'Siftables' which are amazing gizmos.

See more talks here including Bill Gates who I haven't yet watched.

What struck me about Gilbert and Schwartz is the hint of the gospel in both. Now they didn't say it or they would change from genius to fool in a moment in front of such an audience but the creator seemed to stand behind what they were saying if you watch and listen carefully. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of these.

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