Friday, March 20, 2009


Al Mohler on Time Magazines ten ideas changing the world right now-HERE

A couple of books recommended by Brian McLaren-HERE and HERE

Keller's talks called 'Preaching to the heart'-HERE

The Curator-HERE

A great post on writers and messy studies and be sure to watch the photo montage and the BBC film. As someone not known for tidiness it is heartening to know that chaos and genius can at times go together-HERE

Advice for young pastors-HERE

Scheduling the unexpected-HERE

Top ten values-HERE

The devotional Christian- HERE

How to be a reader when you can't afford books-HERE

Jared Wilson is a blogger who really gets the gospel of grace. "Pharisaical legalism is just self-help without good PR" What a great line-HERE

Evangelism is.....HERE

Missional Organizational leadership-HERE

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