Saturday, March 21, 2009

Colonel the Reverend 'Sam' Davies

This week my Godfather sadly died aged 91. Sam Davies met my father in a prisoner of war camp in Korea in 1951. They were both captured by the Chinese and spent three years locked up in the most horrific conditions. Sam went on to have a long and fruitful life and he and my father remained the greatest of friends. He was a man of kindness, humour, courage and prayer.

Sam was such an encouragement to me. He wrote a wonderful book called 'In spite of dungeons' which I remember my father giving me as a teenager-one of the few I read from cover to cover. It allowed my father to tell me his own story but in Sam's words. Dad rarely spoke of events in Korea not even to my mother. It has made me reflective of our times. People grumble these days at the loss of some comfort or other but we are really a terribly indulged nation. Would we, I wonder, be able to produce men such as Sam-resilient, courageous and strong of heart should the need arise again? I hope so.

In no small part, I believe, I am where I am today due to Sam's faithful prayers.  I thank God for his friendship, life and ministry.

Here is his obituary in the Daily Telegraph.

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