Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday blog-sweep

Kevin de Young reflections on a visit to England were fascinating.

A new generation of Vicars

If you have 'a secular job' here is a very helpful talk for you about the Christian faith in relation your work

The Church Times on Gay Marriage

Gay marriage: The Bishops and the Church of England - the under 40's don't like 'the tone' of the Bishops whatever that means.

McLaren responds to the CT article.

Kiev could move to Moscow

The dangers of entrepreneurship in pastoral ministry

I don't know anyone who has 'A family mission statement' which doesn't mean it isn't a good thing.

The Christian Leader in a Digital Age

I enjoyed this James Mumford piece on the national prayer breakfast

So how's your church doing?

What happens when hip hop lets the saint in

The danger of forgetting how to read the Bible

Bear chats with Stephen Fry about faith and Krish has thoughts....

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