Friday, February 21, 2014

Brian, Rob and Don

This is an important article about Brian, Rob and Don that I am musing on.

Jeanette Winterstone speaking about Jesus on Question Time (11 min 55 sec)

I heard about a fellow called J T Foxx this week. His thing is 'mega-partnering'  

We've all been asked to write 'Mission Action Plans'. Ours is underway. Bishop David Hope proposed the idea 20 years ago. 

I watched the Brits and felt a bit fuddy-duddy but at least I watched :)

Really enjoying Eswine and feeling my preaching saw is being sharpened by this.

Loving News Room which is Aaron Sorkin on top form. If you want a new box set pick this one.

A chap in our church spent two years in the 1970's traveling the US and Asia with healing evangelist Edgar Webb and this week relayed amazing stories to me of this experience.

Driscoll including gossip in the ninth commandment has got me thinking.

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