Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ten things for a Thursday

1. Nine lies in the not-yet married life

2. Five words guaranteed to change your life

3. The seven questions at the beginning of this sermon will reveal your biggest issue.

4. Reading these 12 ministry mistakes was very helpful and all too familiar.

5. This is how to measure success

6. The Archbish's address to Synod and Don Miller pushes back on church.

7. An interesting and important piece by Brother Evo and Peter Ould

8. Can money make you happy? The answer is fascinating.

9. I enjoyed reading about Lady Jane Grey

10. Of all the talks from the Desiring God conference this one is the one I plan to listen to. I also plan to make time for Hudson Taylor (if you don't know of him he put the 'M' in Missionary)

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