Saturday, February 08, 2014

Saturday blog sweep

If this blog is about anything it's about giving away things I read and discover. Here's a recent encouragement. Ten years ago I introduced Keller (then his book The Reason for God) to a Vicar pal. He gave the book to his son. His son gave it to his neighbour in halls at University. She read it and through it became a Christian. He married her. Her mum then became a Christian. Now he's moving to NY to do a Phd. Guess who his pastor 's going to be?......

'Here at the church we’re not out to bring you to a church. We’re not out to bring you to a minister. We’re not out to bring you to a philosophy or a style or a kind of music or anything like that, though obviously there are a lot of things about Redeemer that might be distinctive to you. We’re out to bring you to Jesus. Everything is about him. The music is about him. The preaching is supposed to be about him. The church is supposed to be about him. It’s all about him.'

Tim Keller

10 hot tips for the Christian life.

A most dangerous trait

Piper on Jeremiah 29 v 11

A tribute to Phillip Seymour Hoffman

The time management of Churchill

The big debate about creation

Donald Miller doesn't like church 

Don't love your iPhone more than your kids

Changing bodies in the Olympics

How to create a culture of evangelism

Eastern European awakenings

The only six words a parent needs to say to a child about sports

Evangelical's shouldn't be anti-intellectual and For whom did Christ die?

Some good thoughts on Fresh expressions and on the same subject I wrote an article for our Diocesan newspaper....I am the one in yellow :. Sadly, my Tim Keller quote got edited out but any mention of church planting is to be warmly welcomed.

Finally a hoo-ha about the Bishop of Bath and Well's palace.

H/T Donald Miller

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