Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For the pod: Total Forgiveness

I heard R T Kendall preach on Sunday night at HTB.

RT Kendall has had a profound influence on my life largely through reading his life story 'In pursuit of his glory'. I also heard him teach the material called 'The Anointing' to New Wine Leaders about a decade ago. We were at some hotel in the Midlands and it was such a significant time for me. He has authored over 50 books and I have been blessed  by many of them. The first chapter of 'Out of the Comfort zone' is one of the most staggering openings to any book I have ever read. 'The Christian and the Pharisee' is a fascinating debate between Kendall and a Rabbi. 'God meant if for Good' is possibly the most significant of all his books.

RT is probably best known for this talk called Total Forgiveness which he has given all over the world.

It's well worth a listen.


Anonymous said...

RT also preached it live at the 6.30pm and then talked for some time afterwards. Maybe that is why the 7pm ended up with a DVD?

Anonymous said...

I find RT Kendall'z work is a departure from the scripture.

He is more interested in selling you his books than pointing you to the bible..... and his book titles are very telling.

For example... How to Forgive Ourselves... Can we be the ones to absolve our sin? Or How to Forgive Ourselves totally? (Really? The firs book didn't work completely.... so he wrote sequel?

Another title is Justified by Workd?This is a strange teaching compared to scripture... don't you think?

I have read the book. It is.

I hope you can figure it out.