Monday, February 03, 2014

Ten things for a Monday

1. I let our youth run our morning service. It was a bit like giving them the keys to a jumbo jet and wonderfully, we all survived the flight! One of the people in this photo used to be in someone in our churches pathfinders group which I used as a sermon illustration. Who knows who our young people might whisper the word of God into the ear of..?

2. Johnny, who a while back was a yoof-group member, now has a blog called Observations on joy.

3. One of the secrets in Dale Carnegie's 'How to win friend's an influence people' (one of my all time top ten reads) is smile. Michael Hyatt has some reflections.

4. No one has noticed that sacred places are being decimated.

5. Lewis was a sort of storyteller.

6. Why they think they might come to church.

7. Queen Latifah's Grammy mass wedding.

8. Every slide tells a story

9. We all have to learn when to quit.

10. I read this for last Sunday's sermon on 1 Tim 3. Are overseers what Maxwell would call 'pinnacle' people? I'm musing on this thought in tandem with that servant stuff and being 'the least' that Jesus was always on about.

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