Monday, March 21, 2011

Some new week bits and bobs

1. A friend is starting the adventure of the Helper

2. I downloaded Tim Hughes new album yesterday called Love shine through

3. A pal is spending Lent listening to the NT all the way through with You've got the time done by Riding lights in various regional accents.

4. A friend came up to me and said she is captivated by The greatest letter ever written-7 in and 243 to go......

5. Chatted with an IT sort who put me on to Uncrate: The buyers guide for men as a source of geeky gadgets

6.  Todays sermon How to kill sin Part 2 dealt with addiction and recommended a book called A banquet in the grave

7. I sat next to one of my childhood heroes in a Thai restaurant at the weekend. Watch this from 1981 and relive one of the nations great sporting days....

8. I wonder if Bob Willis has a 'Life plan'? If you don't have 'a Life plan' you may like to download this for free and maybe you'll end up bowling out the Australians to win the ashes for England. Hyatt is what good, generous and thoughtful blogging is all about.......

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