Monday, March 28, 2011

An open apology

As I read an Open Apology it moved me and I thought of all the people I know and love who are ticked off with the Church (a bunch of deeply broken, flawed, forgiven sinners of which I am one). I so often meet people who are angry with the Church, with Christians, with some experience, with some untruth they have been wrongly led to believe, with boredom as a child, with religiosity, with the behaviour of some pompous cleric, with a lack of welcome, with an absence of kindness, with a failure to forgive, with inadequate love, with a denial of grace, with a Christian who let them down or failed to live up to whatever standard they were supposed to and all I can do is join with Joe in offering an apology. We're sorry. I'm sorry. Please forgive us and give us a second chance. If you don't know where else to show up and don't expect us to be perfect you would be welcome on Sunday with me if you fancy braving another go . I also offer you 'What's it all about?' written by my faltering hand and inadequate pen to explain afresh the gospel to you.

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