Thursday, March 24, 2011

Productivity uplift

Seth Godin suggests an idea to lift productivity which I liked called 'Are you making something'. If ever there was a reason to buy an iPad 2 this might be it. Joking apart, I like the idea of a division between work and leisure by device.

The Church Mouse made me laugh out loud with this post about the Bishop of Burnley. Mitres are very silly and you won't be surprised to learn there is no chance of ever seeing me in one (despite my friend who recently read the ad in the Church Times asking for suggestions about the appointment of the Bishop of Winchester and thought he might write for a giggle and suggest my name).  Can you imagine:) Not

Our wonderful women are off for a weekend away and are exploring the truth that we are adopted as the Father's children. As it happens, todays Romans sermon was on adoption so I sent it around to the team.

I had lunch with a pal who is going to work with Gary, author of the excellent Redhill thoughts whose writing is a constant encouragement to me. This is a very exciting prospect. We spent some time pondering 1 Tim 3 v 9 over a cuppa and I recommended he read Why Revival Tarries so he hits new turf with fire in his belly!

Finally, as we watch things unfold in Libya this quote by a Libyan soldier that Marcus Buckingham tweeted moved me:

"Those that I fight I do not hate. Those that I guard I do not love"

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